EPM Services

What is EPM?

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software helps organization to improve business performance through analysis, understanding and reporting.


EPM involves:

  • Performance Analysis

  • Modeling

  • Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Consolidation and Close

  • Reporting



EPM software is designed to facilitate the understanding of data and make the appropriate business decisions.

EPM Financial Consolidation

  • Optimization of financial consolidation process.

  • Transparency and auditability of consolidated financial     


  • Comply with statutory compliance and regulatory and

  reporting requirements

  • Multiple currencies

  • Intercompany transactions

EPM Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Improving planning cycle times and reliability of forecasts.

  • Integrating different strategic plans inside an


  • Budget planning.

  • Projections and Forecasting.

  • “What If” Analysis.

  • Multicurrency and exchange rates simulations.

Reporting & Analysis

  • Generating book-quality management and financial


  • Minimizing the time and cost of generating financial and

  management reports.

  • Improving results through accuracy and collaboration.

  • Ad hoc analysis to respond to specific requests and a 

  variety of business questions.