Oracle EPM Oracle EPM Cloud - Financial Consolidation and Close

Close and Consolidation

• Configured to meet individual requirements that your organization needs.

• Predefined dimensions for analysis in detail.

• Dynamic out-of-the-box calculations and quick deployments.

• Combination of pre-seeded and customizable content.

• Easily accommodation of complex calculations and requirements.

• Flexible solution avoiding the need of complicated scripting.

• Management of key performance metrics across your organization.

• Trusted and transparent calculations, in combination with auditing and task segregation result in a strong compliance solution.

• Powerful consolidation features:

   - Intercompany and equity eliminations

   - Journals with workflow

   - Currency translations.

   - Built-in foreign exchange and currency translation         adjustment calculations.

   - Automated cash flow reporting and detailed tracking of     data source.

   - Multi-GAAP reporting.

Extended Close

• Supplemental data gathering.

• Capacity to track information in detail through signoffs, validation and drill-back from source.

• Ability to improve the whole process by monitoring, tracking and analysing tasks.

• Easily reporting to stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner.

• Fast and accurate insights.