Oracle EPM Cloud

– Enterprise Data Management

Oracle Narrative Reporting provides a complete solution for management, narrative and regulatory reporting.

Collate Enterprise Data from Contributing Applications

• Connect with business applications through adapters in an easy way.

• Import and export from connected applications.

• Ability to importing dimensions, lists an hierarchies.

• No need to validate data on entry level.

• Improve data quality by validating viewpoints.

• Record any change request for audit.

• REST API to automation and integration.

• Ability to configure different business perspectives to align changes.

Curate Changes to Enterprise Data Elements

• All changes can be made by users through requests.

• Create or change data, relationships,… by using requests.

• Use validations during requests.

• Visualize each request item, model it and associate actions.

• Use requests to submit new items or change them.

• Automated change orchestration.

Conform Changes Across Different Business Perspectives

• Ability to validate a request or the entire viewpoint in real time.

• Comparison and rationalization of different perspectives to analyse differences.

• Visual and rich user interface.

Consume Changes Among Downstream Business Applications

• Integration with connected applications with the ability to export dimensions and mappings.

• Ability to export files and download viewpoints.

• Collaborate and share, maintain files offline.

• Automated integrations via REST API.

• Available history for audit purposes.