Oracle EPM Oracle EPM Cloud 

Narrative Reporting

Oracle Narrative Reporting provides a complete solution for management, narrative and regulatory reporting.

Information Access

• Ability to integrate with existing Microsoft Office or PDF reports.

• Integration of data from multiple sources such as spreadsheets, databases, EPM applications and bot Oracle and Non-Oracle sources.

• Web-based report designer to create charts and grids from multiple sources.

• Trusted and consistent data.


• Easy and intuitive to use.

• Flexibility to create grids, charts, reports and narratives.

• Ability to configure access permissions and version control in order to track the document lifecycle.

• Reusability of content in order to ease the maintenance.

• Powerful reports combining data with narrative content to produce actionable insights.

Review and Commentary

• Flexibility by performing review cycles.

• Comments for report packages or individual report sections.

• Robust framework for creating and editing comments.

Publishing and Delivery

• Easy to access reports and Ad Hoc analysis by mobile, web or Microsoft Office.

• Ability to create books of financial data by grouping reports.

• Narrative reports allow to reach financial decisions and insights.

• Ability to distribute reports at any point in a secure and auditable manner.


Regulatory Reporting

• Ability to manage XBRL taxonomies.

• Produce XBRL reports by tags in Microsoft Word and Excel.

• Validate XBRL tagging and check data by rules and calculations to generate accurate and compliant results.

• Ability to publish reports in multiple formats.


Oracle EPM Cloud Collaboration and Workflow

• Groups of users can work together in a report by distributing sections among them. 

• Create notifications for users with task deadlines.

• Ability to check the report status and create process and approval flows by sections.