OneStream XF

-  Financial Data Quality

Integrated and Transparent

• Existing integration connectors providing direct integration to any ERP system.

• Drill back and drill through features.

• Ability to define pre and post-data loading validations and confirmation.

• Secure and confident certification process.

• Audit trails for any process gives your organization full transparency from report to source.

Direct Integration Connectors

• Integration Connectors in OneStream XF provide integration with any ERP or other source system, improving delivery times and making the process very efficient.

• Drill down, drill back and drill through available in the whole process.

• Integration to any open ERP includes drill back capabilities.

Guided Workflows

• Guided Workflows provide data management and verification throughout financial consolidation, reporting and planning processes.

• Simple and standard processes focussed on the end-user.

• Simplified data collection and analysis.

• Every step in the workflow provides the user the correct process and reports, so there is no need to deploying additional CPM solutions.

Complete Transparency and Audit Trails

•Full transparency provided by the existing Origin dimension.

•Origin dimension indicates where the captured data provides and cannot be overrided.

•Automatic data protection.