OneStream XF

-  Reporting and Analysis

Faster and Easy to Maintain

• Less time and cost to process information in time and correctly.

• Ability to perform analysis as your business changes.

• The guided reporting feature provides the user the ability to perform tasks on their own.

• Integrated with Microsoft  Office.

• Intuitive dashboards and visualizations.

• Secure access for finance and line of business users.

Guided Reporting

• Customization of templates for reports providing strong analytic tools.

• Library of pre-defined templates.

• Ability to drill down from graphs, charts, reports and grids.

• Export reports to any standard format immediately.

Excel Integration

• Add-In embedded spreadsheet for excel.

• Ad-hoc analysis and reporting with drag and drop features.

• Customized calculations in Excel.

• Multiple views and calculations in the same Excel sheet at the same time.

• Dynamic POV and drill down capabilities both in web and Excel.

Production Reporting

• Robust reporting feature.

• Intuitive detailed and formatted reports.

• One single report combining data quality, actuals, budget and plan.

• Pre-defined reports including audit, process log, drill down, security analysis, certification status and process controls.

Microsoft Office Blend

• Combination of Microsoft Office and OneStream XF content provides a rich reporting experience.

• Ability to build report books by merging Microsoft Office content with OneStream XF reports, data and charts.

• Real time data, charts and reports any time you refresh the content.

• Postal Service solution available in the XF MarketPlace to distribute reports.

Interactive Dashboards

• Change variables and data to help your company decisions.

• Combine tables, charts, graphs,… to obtain financial and operational metrics.

• Drill-down into the causes to understand business trends.

• Use data entry forms and real time results to transform insights into actions

Analytic Blend

• Analyse and visualize your data by the distinctive “blend” feature to validate data.

• Dashboards analysis by combining financial, operational and transactional data.

• Extended access to line of business managers and executives.

• No data latency nor replication of financial data.