OneStream XF - Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Simple and Agile

• Simpler planning, budgeting and forecasting process due to guided workflows.

• One unified financial planning software that improves agility.

• Reduce time collecting data.

• Extensible Dimensionality ® allows business units a unique level of detail.

• Seeding budgets and forecasts is automated, since all data is in the same application.

Strategic Planning and Modeling

• Ability to define long-term strategies, analyse multiple scenarios and develop baseline plans.

• Analyse impact on financial results and support decisions across the enterprise.

• Evaluate multiple scenarios.

• Estimate costs, revenues and capital.

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting

• Use dynamic web forms or Excel views to create and update your organization plan or forecast.

• Existence of guided workflows to ease the collection and entry of data.

• Multiple advanced planning techniques are supported.

• Ability to deliver any required budget or forecast methodology.

• Meet your corporate and business unit requirements at the same time thanks to Extensible Dimensionality ®.

Detailed Operational Planning

• Ability to extend the planning features with multiple specialty planning solutions available in the XF MarketPlace.

• Best performance thanks to the Relational Blending.

• Predict the impact of planning decision.

• It allows your organization to create, modify, spread, allocate and  utilize drivers.

Predictive Analytics

• Predictive Analytics 123 is a solution from the XF MarketPlace to configure and deploy models across the planning process. 

• It allows your organization to create, administer and maintain predictive models without any need of technical expertise.

• Ability to generate high performing predictive forecasts.

• It includes workflows, planning processes, reports and dashboards.